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Topeka Capital Journal: Premiums would block 27K from Medicaid expansion, add $2.9M in revenue

By Sherman Smith | May 2, 2019 Monthly premiums attached to health care coverage provided through Medicaid expansion would have little financial benefit for the state of Kansas and would eliminate 27,000 low-income adults from the program, according to the Kansas Health Institute. The medical research nonprofit studied potential impact of $25 monthly fees that […]

KCUR: Kansas Medicaid Expansion Fails To Get A Vote, But Supporters Threaten Budget To Force One

By Jim McLean | May 1, 2019 Supporters of expanding Medicaid in Kansas proved Wednesday they’ve got the votes in the Legislature — if they can get a vote. But they lacked enough lawmakers on their side to bypass Republican leadership and force that vote. At stake is whether the state would spend about $50 […]

Wichita Eagle: JoCo senator’s ‘pass’ vote was key as Kansas Medicaid expansion attempt fails

By Andy Marso and Jonathan Shorman | May 1, 2019 The Kansas Senate fell one vote short of forcing a Medicaid expansion bill on to its calendar Wednesday, leaving the hot-button issue possibly dead for another year unless supporters can find a new way to advance it. The vote represents a significant defeat for Democratic […]

Thank Senators Who Stood Up for Expansion

Although we fell one vote short in our effort to bring KanCare expansion to the Senate floor today, we are extremely pleased that 23 Senators demonstrated the willingness to stand up for the democratic process, which has been blocked by Senate leadership. The courage they demonstrated shows us that KanCare expansion is supported by the […]

Gov. Laura Kelly: Expand Medicaid for the benefit of all Kansans

By Gov. Laura Kelly | April 28, 2019 With every passing day, more Kansans feel the impact of the state’s failure to expand Medicaid. It’s our neighbor struggling to get access to affordable health care. It’s a friend who works full-time — and works hard — but can’t afford private insurance or a doctor’s visit. […]

Garden City Telegram: It’s time we finally expand Medicaid

By Lt. Gov. Lynn Rogers | April 24, 2019 Last year, Gov. Kelly and I traveled across the state, listening closely and carefully to Kansans. We pledged that our administration would focus on their priorities. That’s why, nearly three months ago Gov. Kelly and I released our plan to expand Medicaid. It will provide quality, […]

Topeka Capital Journal: Medicaid expansion is common sense

By Nina Ainslie | April 21, 2019 I am a retired physician. I volunteer at Flint Hills Community Clinic in Manhattan, providing free care to low-income uninsured patients. Most of the patients I see are employed. They are not slackers. They clean motel rooms, stock grocery stores, cashier at convenience stores, work in restaurants, provide […]

Topeka Capital Journal: As Medicaid expansion talks falter, new study predicts little impact on Kansas budget

By Sherman Smith | April 24, 2019 A new analysis from a national health insurance advocate predicts Kansas could provide coverage to low-income families through Medicaid expansion without compromising the state budget. The analysis, which traces savings from a spike in federal funding and subsequent tax revenue, coincides with a meeting Wednesday between Republican legislative […]