Topeka Capital Journal: Medicaid expansion is common sense

By Nina Ainslie | April 21, 2019

I am a retired physician. I volunteer at Flint Hills Community Clinic in Manhattan, providing free care to low-income uninsured patients. Most of the patients I see are employed. They are not slackers. They clean motel rooms, stock grocery stores, cashier at convenience stores, work in restaurants, provide child care, provide elder care and so on. Some of them work two or more jobs.

At the clinic, we provide the best care we can within our limitations. Often our patients cannot afford needed testing, even though our local hospital offers some financial assistance. Often our patients cannot afford their medications, although we try to prescribe inexpensive medications and help them get assistance from drug companies. Many areas of Kansas do not have a clinic such as ours. What do uninsured patients do there?

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