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Sandy Praeger: Medicaid expansion makes sense

By Sandy Praeger | Feb. 25, 2020 I am pleased to see the bipartisan effort from the Kansas House and Senate to expand Medicaid in Kansas. This is a long time coming, but as some would say it is “better late than never.” While still in my position as insurance commissioner, I frequently was called […]

Appeals Court Strikes Down Work Requirements

By Sheldon Weisgrau | Feb. 24, 2020 In a key ruling that could impact the expansion of KanCare, the Kansas Medicaid program, a federal appeals court has upheld a lower court’s ruling striking down work requirements for Medicaid beneficiaries. The unanimous decision by a panel of judges – written by a justice appointed by President […]

Dodge City Daily Globe: Senate panel rewrites Medicaid expansion plan, still won’t let it pass

By Sherman Smith | Feb. 20, 2020 A Senate panel on Thursday torpedoed a compromise plan for Medicaid expansion by overhauling and spiking the legislation. The action casts more uncertainty on the prospects for Medicaid expansion advancing in the Legislature this year. “It looks like they’ve killed the bill for the year, and it looks […]

Amendments to Senate Bill 252

Senators proposed several amendments to SB 252, the bipartisan Medicaid expansion plan.

KSN: Advocates for Medicaid expansion looking closely at Topeka

By Craig Andres | Feb. 10, 2020 WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Rebecca drove about 45 minutes to a GraceMed campus in Wichita on Monday. “My son is Kenneth,” said Rebecca. “He’s here for some dental work.” Rebecca uses GraceMed services. She used to get Medicaid herself but no longer has the service. “Oh, I hope […]

KC Star: Big Kansas Medicaid expansion vote weeks away amid abortion fight. Some see ‘delay’

By Jonathan Shorman | Feb. 10, 2020 After nearly a decade, Medicaid expansion supporters in Kansas have hoped 2020 will finally mark the year lawmakers extend healthcare to upwards of 130,000 low-income residents. They’ve been encouraged by a compromise proposal from the state’s Democratic governor and a top Republican leader. But just weeks into the […]

Medicaid expansion is Kansas’ most pressing moral priority

By Rev. Jenny Jackson | Jan. 27, 2020 The issue of access to affordable health care is of great concern for the faith community, in Kansas and nationally. Kansas Interfaith Action has been working on this issue since 2016, and we believe Medicaid expansion is long overdue. Medicaid expansion is Kansas’ most pressing moral priority, […]

Proponent Testimony on Senate Bill 252

Dozens of advocates, business leaders, health care providers and others provided proponent testimony in support of Senate Bill 252 to expand KanCare.