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KanCare Expansion: The Facts

Economic Growth More than 30 other states that have chosen to expand their Medicaid program have seen substantial budget savings, allowing them to invest in priorities like education and economic development. In fact, data from Kentucky and Arkansas show more than $1 billion in savings from those two states alone. If other states have found […]

Can Kansas afford KanCare expansion?

THE FACTS: It is true that the Kansas budget currently faces challenges stemming from dramatic changes in tax policy in 2012. For this very reason, now more than ever, Kansas cannot afford to simply say ‘no’ to KanCare expansion. For every $9 the federal government spends on health coverage for new KanCare enrollees, Kansas will […]

What about claims that KanCare expansion benefits the “able-bodied”?

THE FACTS: Of the uninsured Kansans who stand to benefit from KanCare expansion, three in four are in a working family, according to recent studies. These families to do not earn enough to qualify for tax credits to buy insurance. Yes, you read that right — they do not earn enough to qualify for assistance. That’s […]

Would military veterans be eligible for KanCare expansion?

Military veterans and their families are among the Kansans who would benefit from expanding the KanCare program. According to credible research, about 7,400 veterans and their spouses would gain access to quality, affordable health care coverage — at little cost to the state — if our elected leaders choose to expand KanCare. Veterans often do […]