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Kansas Reflector: New report estimates Medicaid expansion could save Kansas employers up to $80.6M

By Noah Taborda | April 24, 2021 TOPEKA — A new report indicates employers in some of Kansas’ most critical industries could save tens of millions of dollars a year if the state were to expand Medicaid. The Kansas Health Institute report indicates private-sector employers would save between $39.6 million and $80.6 million if Kansas […]

Hutchinson News: Kansas one of only 12 states to decline Medicaid expansion

By Richard Shank | April 21, 2021 This week the Kansas Hospital Association website ticker reports Kansas has, to date, declined nearly $5 billion in federal funds during the past seven years through Medicaid expansion. Thirty-eight states, including our neighboring states of Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Colorado, along with the District of Columbia, participate in […]

KSNT: Kansas sees new push after report shows Medicaid expansion saves state businesses’ money

By Rebekah Chung | April 21, 2021 TOPEKA (KSNT) — The Alliance for a Healthy Kansas held a virtual meeting Wednesday to go over key findings from a Kansas Health Institute report. The report shows that private-sector employers would save between $39.6 million and $80.6 million a year if the state opted into Medicaid expansion. […]

Kansas businesses will save $39M-$80M with Medicaid expansion

A new report from the Kansas Health Institute shows that if Kansas expanded Medicaid, private-sector employers would save an estimated $39.6 million to $80.6 million per year on contributions to employer-sponsored health plan premiums and reduced tax penalties, depending on the number of employees who switch to Medicaid. Nearly all Kansas industries employ Kansans who […]

It’s time to expand Medicaid in Kansas and Missouri

By Don Goldman | April 15, 2021 Like many of you, I don’t typically make healthcare decisions based on the cost of services. Sadly, this is not the case for many of our clients who earn too much to qualify for the current Medicaid program in Kansas, but do not make enough money to afford […]

LETTER: Medicaid expansion

By Nancy Bauder | April 13, 2021 When I retired and started my art business a few years ago, I realized that I could not afford the $600-$800 per month for health insurance premiums. When the Affordable Care Act came around and my business struggled to bring in income, I applied for insurance coverage, but […]

Medicaid expansion improves oral health

By Tanya Dorf Brunner | April 13, 2021 Kansas is one of only 12 states that has not expanded its Medicaid program. Over 165,000 Kansans would be eligible for health and dental coverage if we expand the KanCare program. So far, the state has forfeited $4.7 million federal dollars because we have failed to expand. […]

Medicaid Expansion Boosts Coverage and Services for People With Disabilities, Despite Critics’ Claims

By Jesse Cross-Call | April 7, 2021 Policymakers in states that haven’t expanded Medicaid are giving it new consideration, in part because of the American Rescue Plan’s large new financial incentive to do so. Expansion opponents have turned to a familiar, and debunked, talking point in response: that funding expansion harms the “truly needy” by […]