Stories From the Coverage Gap

There are thousands of Kansans who live everyday in the health insurance coverage gap. They don’t have access to affordable health insurance, and this affects their lives every day. These are the faces of Kansans living in the coverage gap.

Kansas stories: Stephen

July 2024
Topics: All Consumer Stories, Behavioral Health, Families, Workforce Stories

Stephen is a father of two from Buhler, Kansas. He is trying to make his life better for his family. After working as a server for awhile, he decided to enroll in a computer program coding bootcamp could help him find a higher paid position -- and hopefully one with health insurance. He took time away from his newborn baby to attend this bootcamp with the hopes that it would propel his career forward.

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Kansas stories: Mary

Topics: All Consumer Stories, Workforce Stories

Mary is from Prairie Village. She is a mom who moved to Kansas from Arizona many years ago. When she moved here, she wanted to settle down, establish roots, and buy a home. After arriving in Kansas, Mary started working in a factory. She also took jobs landscaping and cleaning houses. Unfortunately none of her jobs offered employer-sponsored health insurance.

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Kansas Stories: Dr. Whitney Trusty

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