Thank Senators Who Stood Up for Expansion

Although we fell one vote short in our effort to bring KanCare expansion to the Senate floor today, we are extremely pleased that 23 Senators demonstrated the willingness to stand up for the democratic process, which has been blocked by Senate leadership. The courage they demonstrated shows us that KanCare expansion is supported by the majority of legislators and is poised to become law in Kansas. KanCare expansion will help tens of thousands of hardworking Kansans who can’t afford to wait another year to access affordable health care. We aren’t giving up.

Join us in thanking the 23 Senators who voted for a debate on expansion today:

Sen. Ed Berger, 785-296-6981,
Sen. Rick Billinger, 785-296-7399,
Sen. Barbara Bollier, 785-296-7390,
Sen. Elaine Bowers, 785-296-7389,
Sen. John Doll, 785-296-7694,
Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau, 785-296-7387,
Sen. Marci Francisco, 785-296-7364,
Sen. Bruce Givens, 785-296-7678,
Sen. Dan Goddard, 785-296-7742,
Sen. David Haley, 785-296-7376,
Sen. Randall Hardy, 785-296-7369,
Sen. Tom Hawk, 785-296-7360,
Sen. Anthony Hensley, 785-296-3245,
Sen. Tom Holland, 785-296-7372,
Sen. Jeff Longbine, 785-296-7361,
Sen. Carolyn McGinn, 785-296-7377,
Sen. Vic Miller, 785-296-7365,
Sen. Pat Pettey, 785-296-7375,
Sen. Eric Rucker, 785-296-7374,
Sen. John Skubal, 785-296-7301,
Sen. Dinah Sykes, 785-296-7367,
Sen. Mary Jo Taylor, 785-296-7667,
Sen. Mary Ware, 785-296-7391,