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KCUR: Stakes High For Kansans Needing Coverage And Politicians In Medicaid Expansion Debate

By Jim McLean | April 3, 2019 The stakes run high for 130,000-some low-income Kansans who stand to gain from expanding Medicaid coverage — and for the political players who will decide the contentious issue. Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly made expansion a centerpiece of the election that put her in office. Two Republican leaders — […]

Dodge City Daily Globe: Lynn Rogers talks Medicaid expansion at Western Plains

By Vincent Marshall | April 3, 2019 Lt. Gov. Lynn Rogers was in Dodge City on Tuesday, visiting with the community and touring Western Plains Medical Complex, during his Rural Healthcare Tour. The discussion was focused on the expansion of Medicaid across the state for low-income adults and children and how the expansion would broaden […]

Call Senators Who Support Expansion

In 2017, 25 Kansas State Senators voted YES to insuring thousands of hardworking Kansans, bringing millions of dollars into our economy and giving our hospitals a better chance to keep serving their communities. They voted YES to KanCare expansion. Many of those lawmakers are still serving in the Legislature and still support expansion. We need […]

Thank your House member

We’re one step closer to KanCare expansion. The progress we’ve made is exciting. Thanks to years of work by advocates across the state, 69 House members voted in favor of expansion. If you see your representative on this list, be sure to thank them: John Alcala, Mike Amyx, Dave Baker, Barbara Ballard, David Benson, Elizabeth […]

Kansas lawmakers take big step toward expanding Medicaid

Kansas lawmakers took a major step Wednesday toward expanding Medicaid, a change that could extend health coverage to 150,000 Kansans but potentially cost $47 million a year. Lawmakers, ignoring Republican objections, forced the House to debate Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly’s Medicaid plan and advanced it on a 70-54 vote. Read more

Letter to Editor: KanCare Expansion

By Dr. Jeremy Presley | March 20, 2019 I am a family physician in Dodge City. I am also the President of the Kansas Academy of Family Physicians. In family medicine, we strive to achieve the triple aim: better care for patients, improved outcomes, and lower costs. In my practice, I see patients every day […]

Hutchinson News: Disability community supports expanding KanCare

By Chris Owens | March 14, 2019 For several years, health advocates, business leaders, and others – including thousands of Kansans – have worked to expand KanCare, the Kansas Medicaid program. KanCare expansion would provide affordable health insurance coverage to 150,000 Kansans who are caught in a cruel coverage gap – they earn too much […]

Oswego Community Hospital announces closure, citing failure to expand Medicaid

One of three hospitals in Kansas owned by EmpowerHMS announced Thursday it has closed its doors immediately, saying revenue hasn’t been enough to cover payroll. The board of directors of Oswego Community Hospital, located in Oswego in the far southeast corner of the state, announced the decision in an emailed statement. Included in the hospital’s closure, according […]