Call Senators Who Support Expansion

In 2017, 25 Kansas State Senators voted YES to insuring thousands of hardworking Kansans, bringing millions of dollars into our economy and giving our hospitals a better chance to keep serving their communities. They voted YES to KanCare expansion.

Many of those lawmakers are still serving in the Legislature and still support expansion. We need their voices to be added to the call for a vote on this year’s KanCare expansion bill.

Here’s who we’re relying on:
Sen. Ed Berger, 785-296-6981,
Sen. Rick Billinger, 785-296-7399,
Sen. Barbara Bollier, 785-296-7390,
Sen. Elaine Bowers, 785-296-7389,
Sen. John Doll, 785-296-7694,
Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau, 785-296-7387,
Sen. Marci Francisco, 785-296-7364,
Sen. Bruce Givens, 785-296-7678,
Sen. Dan Goddard, 785-296-7742,
Sen. David Haley, 785-296-7376,
Sen. Randall Hardy, 785-296-7369,
Sen. Tom Hawk, 785-296-7360,
Sen. Anthony Hensley, 785-296-3245,
Sen. Tom Holland, 785-296-7372,
Sen. Dan Kerschen, 785-296-7353,
Sen. Jeff Longbine, 785-296-7361,
Sen. Carolyn McGinn, 785-296-7377,
Sen. Pat Pettey, 785-296-7375,
Sen. John Skubal, 785-296-7301,
Sen. Dinah Sykes, 785-296-7367,
Sen. Mary Jo Taylor, 785-296-7667,
Sen. Richard Wilborn, 785-296-7354,