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Kansas Stories: Donna

Donna lives in Colby, KS. She’s a proud mom; though all of her children are grown, she loves talking about them. She is also divorced and a cancer patient. She worked as a para in her children’s school district until 2015. After that, she worked managing her father’s business. Donna was uninsured from 2016 – […]

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Kansas Stories: Jim

Jim is from Wichita and he’s uninsured right now. He did have insurance a while ago as a seasonal employee, but he’s since lost it after that job ended. Getting health insurance is simply out of his means right now. Everything is too expensive for him. Jim is a farmer and spends most of his […]

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Kansas Stories: David

David had a fever several years ago and has experienced health problems ever since. He isn’t able to get help for his diabetes and neuropathy and he also suffers from knee and back problems. He has trouble walking or being on his feet for long, so he has struggled to maintain a job. “I have […]

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Kansas Stories: Tonya Dresher

“My hairdresser, who is 40 years old, mentioned to me a few weeks ago she has never had a mammogram and her last pap smear was after her son was born, about 11 years ago. She is also obese and is having what sounds like hypertension. When I asked her about insurance coverage, she stated […]

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Kansas Stories: Kenneth Hill

“My name is Kenneth Hill. I have many chronic conditions that I can’t get treated because I don’t have health insurance. Before I came to Kansas I lived in Missouri where I had the Truman discount [a hospital financial assistance program], so I was able to take care of my Hepatitis C and other chronic […]

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Kansas Stories: John

John is from McPherson, KS. He’s a father and he talks about the experiences and struggles his son is facing right now. John’s son is in the Medicaid coverage gap. John’s son has a mental health condition; he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and takes medication to treat it. He sometimes deals with aggressive episodes, […]

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Kansas Stories: Chrisie Stonequist

Chrisie Stonequist is from Wellsville, KS. She is a mom of two and is a grandma. She’s currently unemployed after losing her job due to her health condition. She has no health insurance because it’s not affordable and most of the time she loses her job before she gets her benefits. Chrisie struggles with her […]

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Kansas Stories: Josh

Josh* is from Miami County in southeast Kansas. He recently changed jobs and he’s excited to be working in home remodeling. Unfortunately for Josh, he is uninsured. Josh previously worked at a warehouse, and his employer offered insurance, but it was far too expensive. He’s gone without insurance since he aged out of the Medicaid […]

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