Kansas Stories: David

David had a fever several years ago and has experienced health problems ever since. He isn’t able to get help for his diabetes and neuropathy and he also suffers from knee and back problems. He has trouble walking or being on his feet for long, so he has struggled to maintain a job.

“I have to use the hospital as my primary doctor. It’s going to cost us $162 to get all my medication which I can’t afford because I’m not working. My girlfriend supports me and she’s living off her railroad benefits. I used to work for the labor union but had to quit when I got the fever.

“If I could access healthcare, I would be able to get my pain under control or some kind of physical therapy so I could get a job and help around the house. I’ve worked my whole life and really want to get back to it but physically I can’t. When I worked in construction, I had to work to keep my insurance and lost it every winter. Fortunately, I was healthy back then. Now I don’t know what to do.”

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