Kansas Stories: Kenneth Hill

“My name is Kenneth Hill. I have many chronic conditions that I can’t get treated because I don’t have health insurance. Before I came to Kansas I lived in Missouri where I had the Truman discount [a hospital financial assistance program], so I was able to take care of my Hepatitis C and other chronic conditions. I have anxiety, carpal tunnel, back problems, Hepatitis C; the list goes on. Last year, I had a house fire, so I had to move to Kansas, but when I moved, they canceled my Truman discount so now I am unable to get the health care I need, or I have to pay for it out-of-pocket.

“I’m in constant pain and can only do temporary service work inconsistently because of my health. Recently I had to turn down a job because I wasn’t able to stand as long as they needed me to. Without insurance I can’t get the tests I need to determine what is wrong, and I have to go to the emergency room when things get really bad. I would really like to have insurance so I can go to the doctor, get well and start working again.

“I have an appointment at Swope next month, but it is just for primary care, which won’t help all of my conditions. I also need glasses because I have bad eyesight.”

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