Kansas Stories: Tonya Dresher

“My hairdresser, who is 40 years old, mentioned to me a few weeks ago she has never had a mammogram and her last pap smear was after her son was born, about 11 years ago. She is also obese and is having what sounds like hypertension. When I asked her about insurance coverage, she stated she couldn’t afford the marketplace membership. Her son is covered, however. She said when she called her provider’s office, a pap smear was going to be $350 without insurance coverage. This is out of reach for her.

“Luckily, I did some research and found a resource through our local health department that offers free mammograms and pap testing. That is another problem – the lack of resources!

“My fear is the obesity and possible comorbidities putting her health at great risk.

“I also am a school nurse. I see these instances frequently where a single parent will not have healthcare coverage.”

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