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Kansas Stories: Randy

Randy Keith is from Wichita, where he lives with his wife of 13 years and their two children. Randy lost his job in January but worked hard to line up a new one by March. Things were looking up for the family, but then COVID-19 hit Kansas, and the job was no longer available. Randy […]

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Kansas Stories: Kelsi

“Every constituent, citizen, human, has value and potential and will put more in to their community than they take out if they are loved and healthy. Let’s start with love and make quality healthcare something for everyone.” Kelsi Depew is from Arlington, KS. She is married with three young children. Kelsi an her husband both […]

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Kansas Stories: Jill

Jill Brown is from Hutchinson. She has two children, is engaged, and owns Jillian’s Italian Grill. Like many small-business owners, Jill is unable to provide health insurance to her employees because it is unaffordable. She herself is self-insured. Many her kitchen staffers do not have insurance for themselves and their families. She believes that Medicaid […]

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Catching up with our health care storytellers

By Marissa Alcantar | June 6, 2020 As the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas’ storybank fellow, my job for the past year has been seeking out uninsured Kansans and learning about their experiences with our health care system. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to check in with some of the storytellers […]

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Kansas Stories: David

David’s permanent home is in Herington, Kansas, but he currently lives and works in Colorado. Like many Kansans, David works in a profession that doesn’t always have steady hours. He’s an archeologist, and for six months of the year he is working in the field. With his work comes health insurance. But during the other […]

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Kansas Stories: Debra Stanley

Debra lives in Iola and is currently uninsured. She gets chronic migraines and has depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic fatigue syndrome and asthma. On top of all that, Debra recently discovered she has Type 2 diabetes. Managing one chronic condition without insurance is hard enough. Debra is trying to manage seven. She is in the coverage […]

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Kansas Stories Podcast: Charles McKinzie

Pastor Charles McKinzie of Winfield shares why he supports Medicaid expansion in this new podcast from the Alliance. If you have a story about living in the coverage gap, contact Storybank Fellow Marissa Alcantar at marissa@expandkancare.com.

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Kansas Stories: David Larson

David Larson is from Wichita and living with his daughter’s family while providing care to his grandchildren. David has multiple health conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, major depressive disorder and other mental health issues. After David’s wife passed away, he was unable to work. He lost the company benefits he relied on. He has […]

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