Kansas Stories: Stacy

Stacy Burns is from Newton, KS. She has three adult children who live in Pittsburg, KS. Stacy is disabled and recently gained health insurance, but this wasn’t always the case for her.

Stacy worked at a part-time job that did not provide insurance, and she couldn’t afford to pay for private insurance. Then she was unemployed for over a year. Being uninsured caused a lot of trouble and made it difficult to obtain a new job. Stacy wasn’t able to go to the doctor when she was sick. She had to put off getting any health care while she was uninsured.

Stacy experienced a urinary tract infection while she was uninsured. A trip to the doctor was unaffordable and out of the question. The infection eventually worsened, and Stacy developed a high fever. She started vomiting and was unable to eat. Finally, she went to the emergency room where she was treated, but she was left with a huge bill she couldn’t pay.

Stacy tried for a long time to get Medicaid, but she didn’t qualify as a single adult without children in the home. Stacy was devastated at this news. Her disability was denied many times, but finally she was able to qualify for insurance. Now Stacy can see her doctor and get the medications she needs, but having access to insurance sooner would have been a great help to her. She wants others to know what a difference health insurance has made in her life and has really changed how she lives.

“It has changed my life!”

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