Kansas Stories: David

David’s permanent home is in Herington, Kansas, but he currently lives and works in Colorado. Like many Kansans, David works in a profession that doesn’t always have steady hours. He’s an archeologist, and for six months of the year he is working in the field. With his work comes health insurance. But during the other half of the year, David is back in Kansas and uninsured.

David has always had decent health. He has done a lot traveling for his work, but because of this, he developed different illnesses over the years. Recently he was bedridden for about 10 days. He believes it was COVID-19, although he was unable to be tested for the virus. While he was sick, his condition improved and then worsened. He later struggled to sleep because he had trouble breathing.

This is where David ran into complications when it comes to his health. Without year-round employment, David loses benefits like insurance. David wasn’t able to apply to insurance plans in his off-season because they were simply out of his means. Being a single adult means he does not qualify for Medicaid. He says that cycling through periods of uninsurance can be a scary thing. He thinks that having access to Medicaid would help him feel more secure as his employment changes.

David’s fluctuation in employment sometimes prevents his ability to pay for some services that he needs. He believes that Medicaid expansion would help save the health of others. He believes that having equal access to resources, like health care, is key to helping with underlying health issues.

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