Kansas Stories: Randy

Randy Keith is from Wichita, where he lives with his wife of 13 years and their two children. Randy lost his job in January but worked hard to line up a new one by March. Things were looking up for the family, but then COVID-19 hit Kansas, and the job was no longer available. Randy remained unemployed.

Randy’s old job provided health insurance, but since losing it he’s been without health care coverage. His wife is currently receiving unemployment benefits but Randy hasn’t been able to access similar benefits. He tried to enroll in KanCare but his family’s income was too high.

Randy needs access to dental care and mental health care. He says he wants to improve his health but right now there aren’t any options for him.

He knows how important health care is because in the past, Randy struggled with addiction, and it strained his relationship. With insurance coverage, he would have been able to get the care he needed sooner. Randy says this would have helped with his overall health and would have prevented trouble in his relationship.

These days, Randy has been feeling helpless. He wants every American to have access to health insurance so they do not have to go through the struggles he has experienced. He would like Medicaid expanded in Kansas, so he could access affordable health insurance. If he had access to Medicaid, he would be able to get his health on track.

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