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Kansas Stories: Sarah

Sarah* is from Wichita. She spent her career in law enforcement and is now retired. She has a 29-year-old son who suffers from addiction. It’s because of him that Sarah began her advocacy for Medicaid expansion, even though talking about his addiction is painful for her. Sarah’s son has no health insurance and there isn’t […]

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Kansas Stories Podcast: Sister Janice Thome

Sister Janice Thome of Garden City shares why she supports Medicaid expansion in this new podcast from the Alliance. Alliance for A Healthy Kansas · Kansas Stories: Sister Janice Thome If you have a story about living in the coverage gap, contact Storybank Fellow Marissa Alcantar at

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Kansas Stories: Justin

Justin lives in Topeka with his father. He’s uninsured, and as a single, childless adult doesn’t qualify for Medicaid in Kansas. He has applied for disability coverage but it has not been approved. Justin has a rare autoimmune disorder that went undiagnosed for 17 years. He is six months overdue for his checkups because he […]

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Kansas Stories: Carolyn

Carolyn Thomas was uninsured for a significant portion of her children’s adolescence. Fortunately, those children were able to be covered by Medicaid. She is a single mother who worked in warehouses to earn a living, where she developed Achilles tendinitis. This made working long shifts at the warehouse immensely difficult. After working nine straight days […]

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Kansas Stories: Beth

Beth is from Lindsborg, KS. She is a mom of three and has a disability. Beth has struggled to access health insurance for many years, and it’s been difficult to hear she doesn’t qualify for state insurance programs like KanCare. Though insured now, easier access to health insurance would have made a huge difference for […]

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Kansas Stories: Stacy

Stacy Burns is from Newton, KS. She has three adult children who live in Pittsburg, KS. Stacy is disabled and recently gained health insurance, but this wasn’t always the case for her. Stacy worked at a part-time job that did not provide insurance, and she couldn’t afford to pay for private insurance. Then she was […]

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Kansas Stories: Randy

Randy Keith is from Wichita, where he lives with his wife of 13 years and their two children. Randy lost his job in January but worked hard to line up a new one by March. Things were looking up for the family, but then COVID-19 hit Kansas, and the job was no longer available. Randy […]

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Kansas Stories: Kelsi

“Every constituent, citizen, human, has value and potential and will put more in to their community than they take out if they are loved and healthy. Let’s start with love and make quality healthcare something for everyone.” Kelsi Depew is from Arlington, KS. She is married with three young children. Kelsi an her husband both […]

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