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Kansas Stories: Chandra

Chandra is from Wichita. She is a mom and a poet, and is currently working on her second poetry collection. Chandra's KanCare expansion story is about her mom, Jo Anne. Jo Anne never really had access to insurance. She worked waiting tables -- a job that didn't provide health insurance. She made too much to qualify for KanCare, the state's Medicaid program. She tried to apply for coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace, but she would have had to pay full price because she made too lit

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Kansas Stories: Dr. Whitney Trusty

Dr. Whitney Trusty is a family medicine physician in Kansas City, KS. She sees many underinsured and uninsured patients in her work. Dr. Trusty knows there are a lot of issues in the healthcare system, many of which stem from insurance coverage. She doesn’t believe that care should be determined by what someone can pay, […]

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Kansas Stories: José Luis

I had to leave my country where I have lived and worked all my life, where my children were born and raised, so that [...]

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Kansas Stories: Olivia & Saul

Not having medical coverage has affected us a lot financially. In 2019, I had health insurance from my job, but when I lost my job, [...]

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Kansas Stories: Jaime

“My name is Jaime, and I am the father and provider of my home. I have three children and I live with my wife in Kansas City, Kansas. We are a united family and take great care of each other. Family is everything to me; I long to live to see my children grow up […]

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Kansas Stories: Marlon

Marlon is from Kansas City, Kansas. Here is his story: “I haven’t had insurance in about 5 years. I used to be a normal, healthy guy. Now I’m almost bedridden. It’s a horrible experience. “I’ve had strokes and my kidneys shut down on me. I go back to the hospital constantly with high blood pressure […]

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Letter to Advocates: Wear Your 8-in-10 Shirts

April 2022 Dear Fellow Advocates of Medicaid Expansion in Kansas, Like you, I am deeply concerned for the 150,000+ individuals that need and will greatly benefit from Medicaid expansion by our state legislators. I am frustrated that they are not listening to the voices that have so eloquently articulated the health, economic and moral reasons […]

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Kansas Stories: Vincent

“When I was working I had United Healthcare, then I got sick and lost my insurance. I inherited diabetes and heart disease from my family and after the age of 50 I really started going downhill. “It became really hard to work until I finally had surgery on my pancreas and 11 kidney stones. I […]

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