Kansas Stories: John

John is from McPherson, KS. He’s a father and he talks about the experiences and struggles his son is facing right now. John’s son is in the Medicaid coverage gap.

John’s son has a mental health condition; he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and takes medication to treat it. He sometimes deals with aggressive episodes, but he’s overall a very healthy person. Unfortunately, John’s son can’t always continue with his medications because he doesn’t have health insurance.

John’s son has spent time in and out of jail. While he’s there, he can get his medication. John says when he’s released, his son no longer has the resources to monitor his schizophrenia.

“Without any kind of insurance, when the meds he had in jail, when those run out, he has no way to fill the prescription,” John said.

John’s son often ends up back in jail because his medications are gone.

John says his son is very optimistic, though he knows his son’s expectations are not always realistic. John’s son wants to get back to work and have a steady job, as many of his previous jobs didn’t work out because of his health. John knows that many of those jobs didn’t have benefits that would help his son. John says that with his diagnosis, it’s really important that his son stay on his medications. Making sure he’s healthy will help him get back to work.

“It would mean a lot to know that he could get medications,” John said. John wants his son to have the opportunity to manage his schizophrenia and get medications when he needs them. Medicaid expansion would provide him that opportunity. He wants his son to have the tools to get and stay healthy. John sees the difficulties his son goes through and having health insurance would make a world of difference for his mental health.

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