Topeka Capital Journal: We Must Fight for Medicaid Expansion

By the Editorial Advisory Board | Aug. 11, 2020

Voters in Missouri have decided to expand their Medicaid program. That makes our neighbor to the east the 38th state to offer coverage to a wider swath of low-income people, following on the heels of Oklahoma.

Kansas must follow suit.

Roughly 150,000 of our fellow residents could end up receiving coverage, a number that is likely only increasing because of the economic toll of the pandemic. Our nation’s profit-driven health care system means that insurance is a basic necessity for everyone, from children to teenagers to adults.

Expanding Medicaid is a simple, easy way to get them coverage.

We already pay taxes to cover expansion in other states. According to the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas, we have sent more than $4.2 billion in taxpayer dollars to Washington, D.C., for disbursement. But we haven’t benefited from a single cent.

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