Kansas Stories: Vicki Pribble

Vicki Pribble is from Parsons, KS. She lives there with her two sons, Michael and Christopher. Vicki has insurance through Medicare and Christopher has health benefits from his dad, but Michael is unable to get health insurance. Michael lost his coverage through the Children’s Health Insurance Program when he turned 19 and he’s been without it ever since.

Michael has multiple disabilities that he deals with every day. He suffers from severe ADHD, low IQ, inattention, enuresis, major depressive order, asthma, and he has an intellectual disability that prevents him from being able to drive a car and go to work. Vicki says Michael has trouble being aware of his surroundings. Michael needs different medications for these disabilities, but without insurance, he isn’t able to afford them.

Vicki has tried to find Michael affordable insurance, but there isn’t a plan he qualifies for right now. He is forced to put off all types of care, like his ADHD medication, physicals, and trips to the eye doctor. With Medicaid expansion, Michael would be able to get the care he needs.

Vicki couldn’t believe it when she found out that Michael didn’t qualify for assistance to purchase health insurance and she wonders what she will be able to do to help her son. This causes ongoing stress and worry for the family. Vicki says “it would be a weight off mine and his shoulders if he had insurance.” She worries about what could happen to him without health insurance and she knows Medicaid Expansion would help her son.

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