Kansas Stories: Louise Lynch

Louise Lynch is from Kansas City. She is a caregiver for her husband and daughter. Louise and her husband have health insurance, but their daughter does not. She previously had been covered under her parents’ plan but after she turned 26 (the cut-off age under federal law) that was no longer an option.

Life without health care coverage has been extremely difficult for Louise’s daughter, and she’s experienced a number of setbacks when it comes to her health. In March 2020, Louise’s daughter contracted COVID-19. She was hospitalized soon thereafter. Louise researched insurance options for her daughter, but found nothing. Louise’s daughter didn’t qualify for Medicaid because of Kansas’ strict eligibility requirements.

Louise’s daughter experienced symptoms like a 103 degree fever, loss of vision and difficulty going to the bathroom. Some of these symptoms she still has today. Because she’s uninsured, she is unable to see a doctor because it is unaffordable.

On top of that, Louise’s daughter was seeing physicians for a suspected autoimmune disorder, but when her insurance was gone she was unable to get further testing that would confirm a diagnosis. Louise and her daughter feel as though she was treated as “disposable.” If Kansas were to expand eligibility for Medicaid expansion, Louise’s daughter would be able to get and keep continuous health insurance coverage, which would allow her to see a doctor for her lingering COVID systems and her other medical issues without the looming fear of sky-high bills.

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