Kansas Stories: David Larson

David Larson is from Wichita and living with his daughter’s family while providing care to his grandchildren. David has multiple health conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, major depressive disorder and other mental health issues.

After David’s wife passed away, he was unable to work. He lost the company benefits he relied on. He has been uninsured since 2010.

Medications David needs cost him about $500 a month. On top of this monthly bill, he has suffered from dental problems and needs new glasses. Thankfully, he received help from others to pay for these necessities. David is especially thankful to the Guadalupe Clinic, a service that has provided much assistance to him.

David wants others to know that without health care coverage he has not had the ability to live his life. He struggles to get the widely available flu shot and currently is trying to get over the illness. Not having access to health insurance has caused much trouble to him. He is tired of not having insurance access in Kansas and he hopes that changes soon.

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