Statement on Veto of KanCare Expansion Legislation

David Jordan, Executive Director of the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas, issued the following statement in response to Governor Brownback’s veto of House Bill 2044, the Bridge to a Healthy Kansas.

“Governor Brownback vetoed legislation this morning to expand KanCare. With this veto, the Governor chose to deny health coverage and care to more than 150,000 Kansans. He chose to refuse the return of Kansans’ federal tax dollars to the state, damaging hospitals and rural communities. He chose to continue the destructive and failed policies that were overwhelmingly rejected by Kansas voters last November.

The Governor’s veto is now in the hands of legislators, who have a choice to make. Do they side with the 82% of Kansans and the majority of their legislative colleagues and choose to protect local health care providers and expand coverage to more than 150,000 Kansans? Or do they side with Governor Brownback and support another policy position that needlessly inflicts harm on the residents of Kansas?

The legislature has a rare opportunity to make a substantive positive impact in the lives of their constituents and their communities. They should take it and vote to override Brownback’s veto.”