KAKE: Kansans falling through the cracks want Medicaid expansion

Jimmy Olsen’s story is familiar to those who have been fighting for Medicaid expansion in Kansas. We’ve featured his story on our website over the last several years because his example is just one of thousands that have been shared with us during this campaign.

KAKE interviewed Jimmy about the challenges he’s facing now, as well as what it means to know that policymakers in Topeka – including Governor Laura Kelly and Lt. Gov. Lynn Rogers – are backing KanCare expansion.

“For me it just seems unfathomable not to have that access. God I’m so happy that we’re pushing for that again,” Jimmy said. “There’s people that’s trying, that’s honest and true, that want to work, and keep working. It doesn’t really cost that much in the overall of things.”

When Lt. Governor Lynn Rogers visited Via Christi in Wichita on Thursday, KAKE interviewed him as well. The new Lt. Governor knows this isn’t a policy debate that legislators will have in a vacuum. Everyday Kansans are vital to the conversation:

Which is why supporters are taking their fight to the voters, hoping to put pressure on lawmakers that way.

“We really do need Kansans to step up and say they think it is important, and they realize how vital it is to every Kansan,” Rogers said.

You can hear more from Jimmy Olson and Lt. Gov Rogers by visiting KAKE’s website.