Alliance for a Healthy Kansas Statement on House’s Failure to Override Governor’s Veto of Medicaid Expansion

Statement of David Jordan, Executive Director of the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas, on the failed attempt of the House of Representatives to override the Governor’s veto of Medicaid expansion:

“It is disappointing that the Kansas House failed to override the veto because a small group of representatives chose to side with the Governor instead of the 82% of Kansans who support expanding KanCare and the vast majority of their colleagues in both chambers. Their choice also denies health care to our family, friends and neighbors and puts our hospitals, health centers, and other providers at risk.

The failure to override the veto is a lost opportunity to bring back Kansans’ federal tax dollars to create jobs and stimulate the economy. Instead, Governor Brownback and his allies in the legislature continue to forfeit $1.9 million a day. To date, Kansas has lost nearly $1.8 billion of our own federal tax dollars because of the failure to do what’s best for Kansas and expand KanCare. Instead, the Governor and his allies push obligations to local communities, which must raise taxes to keep the health system intact.

While today’s failed override vote was a lost opportunity to protect our interests as Kansans, we will continue to work hard to expand KanCare. Too much is at stake. Our outreach and organizing in the communities of legislators who sided with the Governor on this issue has already started.”