A Note from David Jordan, Executive Director of Alliance for a Healthy Kansas

During last week’s primary, Kansans made their support for expanding KanCare known by voting for candidates across the state who support expanding KanCare. The Kansas Health Institute News Service reported that “the results of last week’s primary election may have given expansion advocates the traction they need to overcome opposition from Republican Gov. Sam Brownback and legislative conservatives who thus far have blocked debate on the issue.”


Our efforts are gaining traction because of your hard work. Thank you.


However, to be successful, we need to continue to build momentum by making our voices heard by letting candidates know that expanding KanCare is critical to creating jobs, protecting our hospitals and communities, and improving the health of Kansas.


As our fight continues, we need help spreading the message to make sure as many Kansas families as possible know about the benefits of expanding KanCare. To ensure general election candidates and Governor Brownback know that it is unacceptable to continue to forfeit $1.9 million of our tax dollars each day by not expanding KanCare, sign our petition and invite others to as well.

Please, help promote the message by sharing the petition and social media messages with your members, family and friends. Every week, we’ll need your help getting our message out on Facebook and Twitter about how expanding KanCare will help the hardworking families of Kansas. You can follow us at the links below.






Thanks for your continued support all over social media. Together, I know we can help expand KanCare for our communities.