Kansas is beginning to see the full impact of America’s opioid crisis. As Kansans struggle with addiction, it is ending lives, breaking up families, and damaging communities across our state.

Opioid overdose deaths in Kansas have grown by 28% over two recent years in Kansas, and if we don’t push prevention and treatment forward as the best ways to address this crisis we will see that number skyrocket.

Unfortunately, many Kansans who need treatment for opioid addiction and other substance use disorders are uninsured and cannot afford it.

That is why the Kansas Legislature must expand KanCare. In fact, over 30,000 Kansans who suffer from mental illness and substance use disorder would be covered if we expand KanCare. These tens of thousands of Kansans would have better access to life-saving treatment.

Sign now. Tell the Kansas Legislature to expand KanCare to fight the opioid crisis before it is too late.