Statement of David Jordan, Executive Director of the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas, on the United State Senate’s vote on the motion to proceed to a debate about taking health care away from millions of Americans


“It is disappointing that Senator Moran joined Senator Roberts and voted to open a debate on health care bills that will be bad for Kansas. This vote puts the health coverage of more than 100,000 Kansans at risk and opens the door to nearly $1 billion in Medicaid cuts that would devastate the most vulnerable Kansans, health care providers, and the state budget.


Our Senators had the opportunity to put Kansans first and vote against the motion to proceed. Had they voted against the motion, it would have shown that they were serious about an open legislative process that sought bipartisan agreement on improving the health care system and making it work better for Kansans. Instead, they delivered Senator McConnell a political win and put all of us at risk of harmful policies, which could result in tens of millions of Americans losing their health coverage.


It is my hope that Senators Moran and Roberts will ultimately vote against any plan that harms Kansans. I know tens of thousands of Kansans who have contacted their offices and attended events share that sentiment.”